Hawk's Nest

The tree-lined baseball field, known as the Hawk's Nest, opened on February 11, 2001 after two years and $1.3 million.  The project was guided by Paul Zawska, former head groundskeeper at Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles.

St. Mary’s baseball field is a thing of man-made beauty surrounded by natural splendor.  The outfield is the same hybrid bluegrass used at Camden Yards, the infield the same mix of clay material and additives designed to keep it soft but resilient.

Hawk’s Nest is a fitting name considering it’s surrounded by woods on three sides and sits just up a slope from Fisher’s Creek with the rustic-looking wooden dugouts seemingly blending into the surroundings.

The near-major league dimensions are 320 feet down the leftfield line, 400 to dead center, and 330 to right.  The scoreboard is one of the largest in Division III. Even the backstop has a major-league look.  It’s made of salt-water netting — thinner and easier to see through than chain-link or nylon fencing — and from the same supplier as Camden Yards.

Twenty thousand cubic feet of soil were displaced to create the Hawk’s Nest, about 1,800 truckloads, much of it deposited at a nearby farm.