SAAC Constitution

Article I: Name
The name of this organization shall be Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

Article II: Purpose (Mission Statement)
The purpose and mission of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to provide representation of all varsity athletic teams at St. Mary's College of Maryland in order to facilitate communication between the varsity athletes and the St. Mary's College administration.  By generating intervarsity support and developing initiatives, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee hopes to improve the overall student-athlete experience.

Article III: Membership
Members will consist of two representatives per varsity athletic teams, as selected by the team.

Article IV: Executive Board
Section A - Titles
The Executive Board is the representative body for the organization.  The members who are elected to these leadership roles have the responsibility of implementing the decisions agreed on by the body.  They are also held responsible to the wishes and concerns of the club and removable by the club (a two-thirds vote by those present) at a meeting publicly announced at least one week in advance.  The Executive Board must consult with the general membership before making any major policy decisions or changes within the club.  The Executive Board shall consist of the offices of President, Vice President, and Secretary with the duties outlined below.

Section B - Duties
1. President
a) Presides over the executive meetings
b) Represents the club at all appropriate Student Government Association meetings
c) Is the representative voice for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
d) Reserves the right to call and schedule all meetings within 48 hours notice
e) Reserves the right to delegate responsibility for certain projects or topics to any member of the Executive Board
f) Is responsible for coordinating all Student-Athlete Advisory Committee conferences

2. Vice President
a) Presides over general meetings
b) Reserves the role of President in case of an absence of the President

3. Secretary
a) Keeps an official record of both executive and general meetings
b) In charge of publicizing the club's activities
c) Is responsible for taking care of all club meetings

Section C - Elections
Officers shall be elected one month prior to the end of the spring semester.  Elections shall be announced in advance and all active members will be allowed to vote.  Officers for the following year shall be chosen by a plurality of the members attending that meeting.  Interim elections may be called to fill a vacancy by a majority of the Executive Board.

Article V: Meetings
Section A - Regular Meetings
There will be meetings at least monthly at a given date, time and place.

Section B - Special Meetings
Special meetings to discuss issues in relation to the club, future, activities, etc. will be called by the President with at least 48 hours of notice as to the time and place of the meeting for the membership.

Article VI: Amendments
Amendments to this Constitution shall be ratified by a majority of the active members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee pending approval by the Student Government Association Senate.

Article VII: Special Elections
Special elections will be held for all officers' positions upon ratification of this Constitution by the Student Government Association Senate.