NCAA Division III Week Sunday Profile: Zach Thompson, Baseball

NCAA Division III Week Sunday Profile: Zach Thompson, Baseball

Why Division III?
By Zach Thompson (West River, Md./Archbishop Spalding)
First-year Pitcher

Division III is not meant for everybody. However, if you want to be known as a face rather than a number, if you want your lifestyle to impact the campus community in a positive manner, if you want to stand up and be a leader, if you want a great education while at the same time playing a sport you love, then Division III might be for you.

Division III is way more than waking up in the morning, going to classes, and falling into a meaningless routine and becoming a lazy college student. The classes here, and the teachers who administer them, see potential in their students and know them personally. And the same goes for the coaches. The coaches I have been placed around see things in their athletes that are not about how high you can jump, how fast you can run, or how hard you can throw or hit a ball. They see the internal drive within their players both on and off the field and if they see that flame getting dimmer, they will relight it in a heartbeat, always pushing you to be the best you. Having that sort of connection with your school on and off the field is very important to me. That sort of connection is quite honestly life changing. Knowing that the whole school community is behind you in whatever you are trying to do with your life, makes you want to put in the extra effort at whatever it is in life that makes you get up out of bed each morning.

To be a student-athlete at the Division III level certainly takes a strong and hardworking individual and it is not for everyone. You cannot just be another number or just another athlete here. College is what you make it, and I can say with certainty if you are looking to be a leader in the community, while getting a great education and having the opportunity to play a sport you love, Division III is the perfect fit.

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